Population and Community Development Association

ACPD Establishment

      The Asian Center for Population and Community Development (ACPD)The Asian Center for Population and Community Development (ACPD) was established in 1978 as the international arm of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), Thailand’s most diverse non-governmental organization. Its objective is to disseminate information and experiences in community–based population management and development activities among developing countries.

      ACPD offers training courses and study tours on the community-based development approach of integrating family planning, health, income generation, environment, and other rural development programs. We also share our experience in introducing program on Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) to many companies and organizations that PDA has been implementing for more than 20 years. PDA’s CSR program concentrates on community empowerment and eradicating poverty in a sustainable way. Since 1978, more than 3,500 participants from 50 countries have participated in ACPD international training programs and study tours. We have also provided briefing on PDA work to about 12,600 guests from countries around the world who visited PDA.

     In the past, ACPD has collaborated with several private and public international donor agencies and local and international companies in implementing international training courses.

     ACPD provides its training and study tours participants with practical applications enabling them to adapt similar programs in their own countries. This is done through the use of experiential learning techniques which results in two-way learning environment. The combination of both classroom-based learning and field visits helps create a forum of networking and sharing of knowledge and experience from all over the world, especially Asia.
Personalized study tour programs to suit the specific needs of individual country groups are also offered. The participants will travel to the North, Northeast, and South of Thailand to observe PDA’s development projects, similar endeavors of other NGOs and government agencies and to visit the beautiful countryside of Thailand as well.

      Additionally, ACPD provides technical assistance and consultancy services in training, health and community development program management to both public and private organizations.

      We are also keen in events organizing for local and international organizations.

      ACPD is located in the modern eight-story building which is the headquarters of PDA in the heart of Bangkok. Our large and small conference rooms are well equipped with audio-visual facilities. The famous ‘Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant’ is located in the same compound to cater to our participants. When in Bangkok, the participants are lodged in comfortable hotels close to PDA. While traveling up country, similar comfortable accommodations are reserved for participants and guests.

Contact : Director, The Asian Center for Population and Community Development
Address : 6 Sukhumvit 12, Klongtoey, Bangkok Thailand 10110
Tel : (+66)2229 4611 Fax : (+66)2229 4632 Email : acpd@pda.or.th