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Community-Based Integrated Energy Initiative 2017

     PDA is delighted to host another Community-Based Integrated Energy Initiative forum (CBEI-RF) from the 29th of October to 2nd of November 2017 at PDA's C&C resort in Ratchaburi, Thailand. The current program and course of the CBEI Regional Forum 2017 can be found in the PDF document Program for the CBEI-RF 2017. The annual CBEI forums are an established and well-lauded landmark to those in the region concerned with energy and climate change initiatives. Since 2014 PDA, in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), has implemented these forums.

     The upcoming forum (RF4) will aim to bring together selected decision makers and experts from politics, business, academia and civil society to further the development potential of a "green economy". Hosting about 35 participants from a range of countries including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar the emphasis of RF4 will be on sustainable communities and energy security while building on the experience of previous forums. RF4 will include a cycle of training and networking events, and a field visit to explore practical application of the issues discussed. It is expected that these events will help in designing relevant strategies that consider best practice cases in the countries involved. Participation in RF4 will be by invitation only and participants will soon be contacted with more detailed information as to dates, venue and contents of RF4.

Community-Based Integrated Energy Initiative 2016

     The third regional networking forum about "Community-Based Integrated Energy Initiatives (CBEI-RF) - The Way Forward for Thailand and her Neighbors" took place from the 18th to 22th of September in 2016 at the C&C Resort Khao Yai, Saptai, Thailand. RF3 brought together 37 participants from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The focal point of the forum was the topic of community-based projects that make use of renewable energy technologies, or improve energy utilization efficiency in rural areas. RF3 facilitated a lively exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas on the topic by representatives from government, academia, NGOs, and financial and private sectors, thus allowing reciprocal partnerships to be built. Several new networking partners joined RF3 and participants rated each aspect of the forum positively.

     RF3 followed the winning format of previous forums, with a strategic mix of in-depth cases and panel Presentations, lively Q&A sessions and a relevant field visit. Pictures of the field visit can be seen below, as well as a the relevant documents and presentations from RF3. The organisation und coordination of this forum was conducted by PDA in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE).

Lectures and Presentations of the CBEI 2016

  Mr. Wilas Techo - Population and Community Development Association (PDA), Thailand
     Opening and Introduction to the CBEI Forum 2016 PDF       PowerPoint
  Dr. Wolfgang Frank - Population and Community Development Association (PDA), Thailand
     Germany's Energy Transition Plan PDF       PowerPoint
  Dr. Ludovic Lacross - Full Advantage Consulting, Thailand
     Regional Perspectives of Community-Based Energy PDF       PowerPoint
  Mr. Sengvisay Khammanivong - Ministry of Energy and Mines, Laos
     Renewable Energy Development in Lao PDR PDF       PowerPoint
  Mr. Keonakhone Khounvilay, PhD - National University of Laos
     Renewable Energy for Poverty Reduction
     in Xiengkhuang Province, Lao PDR
PDF        PowerPoint
  Mr. Tiev Chan Serey - Community Enterprise Support Association (CESA), Cambodia
     The Village Development Partnership PDF        PowerPoint
  Mr. Choen Vicheth - NGO Environment and Climate Change Alliance (NECA), Cambodia
     Factsheet on Energy Sector in Cambodia PDF        PowerPoint
  Dr. Songkiert Tansamrit - Sustainable Energy Foundation, PPT, Thailand
     Solar Power Project at Baan Huay Pu Ling
     Community, Mae Hong Son Province
PDF        PowerPoint
  Mr. Soe Soe Ohn - Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Myanmar
     Off-Grid Electrification in Myanmar PDF        PowerPoint
  Mr. Tin Myint - Suntac Technologies, Myanmar
     Key Challenges of Rural Electrification in Myanmar PDF        PowerPoint
  Mr. Chartdanai Chartpolrak - The Energy conservation center of Thailand (ECC)
     Knowledge Sharing on some Community Based      Renewable Energy Projects in Thailand PDF        PowerPoint
  Mr. Min Chan Win - Eco-Solutions, Myanmar
     Present & Future Outlook of Final
     Energy Consumption in Myanmar
PDF        PowerPoint
  Prof. Athikom Bangviwat - JGSEE, King Mongkut University of Technology, Thailand
     Renewable Energy Networks PDF        PowerPoint
  Mr. Kosol Saengthong - Ruam Jai Tam Roi Por Network, Thailand
     Renewable Energy Appliances in the Pah Deng Destrict PDF        PowerPoint
  Ms. Chanmanee Plaisaeng - PDA-CBIRD, Thailand
     Krabi goes Green PDF        PowerPoint
  Ms. Sirikant Panchasarp - Population and Community Development Association (PDA), Thailand
     Village Development Bank & Solar PV Water System PDF        PowerPoint

Videos related to the CBEI 2016

Batteries for the Pah Deng Community Renewable Energy in the Pah Deng Community