Population and Community Development Association

Income Generation & Poverty Reduction

      PDA launched the Thai Business Initiative in Rural Development (TBIRD) in 1988. TBIRD was launched to share the financial, technical and managerial recourses of the private sector with government and community initiatives, in order to support the economic development in poorer areas. By fostering or adopting a village, a company can help the less privileged to earn a reasonable income through sustainable agricultural projects, cottages industries, and small enterprises.

     Over time, TBIRD had grown to involve over 150 companies in 280 projects, bringing over US$50 million in resources to otherwise-neglected areas of rural Thailand. Due to the involvement of many international companies, TBIRD was renamed and is now operating under the name of “Business for Social Progress”.

     PDA started the Thailand Endeavor to End Poverty, whereby the Stock Exchange of Thailand and its over 500 listed companies have agreed to support development projects. PDA hopes to expand this program into all of South East Asia.

    Eventually, TBIRD transformed into the Village Development Partnership (VDP), which is PDA's most comprehensive poverty eradication and environmental improvement program in rural Thailand and has been implemented in over 400 villages. The VDP specifically addresses issues in the five key development areas of: community empowerment, economic development, environment, health, and education. It initially establishes locally-elected and gender-balanced committees and a Village Development Bank to empower the poor to eradicate poverty.

Learn about this comprehensive poverty eradication program at Village Development Partnership website.